Security Doors and Gates for Melbourne

The Superior Door Company is a family owned business that has specialised in manufacturing security doors, porch enclosures, window grilles and steel gates for Melbourne homes since 1977. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality specifications. The welding and sanding is second to none. Come into our showroom and see the quality of our security doors as it will be the bench mark by which you measure all other steel doors.

No other door company puts so much engineering between you and an unwanted break in.

High security locks and cylinders

At The Superior Door Company, we are an authorised distributor of the Mul-T-Lock high security locks and cylinders. Do you feel that your keys are easily duplicated? Can someone pick or manipulate your key cylinder in seconds, leaving no trace of damage? More than 98% of households fall into this category.

The Mul-T-Lock key system is the solution. At the heart of the system lies the unique Mul-T-Lock High Security Cylinder with its telescopic pin tumbler mechanism. The cylinder is pick, drill and bump resistant and combines safety with convenience. Extra keys are only manufactured for the owner of the key on production of his signed Mul-T-Lock key code card and verification of the signature. Mul-T-Lock also offers a wide range of high security cylinders and padlocks.

You can also have a Mul-T-lock high security cylinder retrofitted into an existing security door or security gate. There is also a vast range of cylinders for existing timber and glass doors.


We are also a licensee of the Crimsafe products. The Crimsafe screen door is available as a hinged or sliding door. There are many types of window safety products, porch enclosures and security doors available in the Crimsafe range, perfect for securing your Melbourne home.

To secure your home with the highest quality security doors, screens and more, please reach us for a quote or to speak to one of our friendly staff members in Melbourne by calling us today on (03) 9720 1111, or sending us an online enquiry.